Who Are You?

Hey! My name is Matheus, better known as "FURiOUS", you may know me because I've speedran Super Mario World in about 1m 13sec, which was the world record for the fastest completion of this game in 2017.

I'm a chill guy who loves games and technology stuff and always try to make something cool using my knownledge in both areas...

What You Do?

Currently I work as a computer technician for a company where I live, I mostly keep their machines/server running fine and give some support/help to another employees.

I'm also developer, when possible I do some freelance jobs or most of the time work on personal projects...

Don't forget that I'm a partnered streamer on Twitch too, I try to stream whenever possible (always at night of course). I mostly speedrun games and sometimes play casually.

What You Did?

I made a few things as a developer that I always like to share with everyone. You may find cool the website I made for the brazilian speedrun community, it list the current live streams from our speedrunners, check more here!

But talking about speedrunning, I got a lot of media attention with my Guinness World Record of my 0 Exit (Credits Warp) speedrun from Super Mario World, it was the coolest thing that happened in my life! Because of this I got a lot of invites to show off my speedruns in some events (Gamercom [Florianópolis/SC] and Game Experience [Rock in Rio/RJ]) and even on television (Zero 1 [Globo])